Butcher BBQ Prime Brisket Injection


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Created by a Champion Pit Master & Proudly Made in the USA, This Brisket Injection Takes Your Smoked Beef Brisket to New Levels of Luscious Flavor & Juicy Tenderness. Reserve a spot on your smoker for our award winning blend.

If you’ve ever smoked brisket on your smoker or grill, you know how dry & bland it can get after hours of very slow cooking. This fixes that by adding moisture and flavor from the start of your cook. Do you know how it feels when everyone asks for your secret recipe for that perfectly cooked and flavored meat? Butcher knows you want to be in those shoes, it is easy now with Butcher BBQ injections.

Rubs can help, but they only season the surface. How can you flavor & tenderize your entire brisket for that mouthwatering Texas-style taste?

Check Out Butcher BBQ Prime Brisket Injection

Famous for championship quality, this injectable marinade suffuses your whole beef brisket with naturally rich flavor, spicy zest & succulent moisture.

Your Butcher Meat Injection Offers:

A premium gourmet blend of select seasonings, hearty beef & savory beef stock

Naturally scrumptious taste ? no gluten, no fat, no sugar, no artificial preservatives

Sealed-in freshness ? comes in an easy-to-close canister (a Butcher BBQ Exclusive) complete with a free bonus scoop for no-fuss measuring
Cost-effective value ? each 1-lb. canister can season up to 8 briskets

Incredibly Easy to Use

How to use Prime Brisket Injection?

Simply mix 3 level scoops of injection with 2 cups of water and/or other liquid. Then use an injector (not included) to shoot the mixture into the meat. For best results, inject the whole flat of the brisket in a checkerboard pattern.

That’s it ? you’re set to smoke. No need to wait days while your meat marinates the old-fashioned, time-wasting way. You?ll be barbecuing like a champion in minutes.


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